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 Shortsword — One-handed sword in common use. (Weapon Attack +25)
  Silver Sword — This sword is beautifully inlaid with silver. (Weapon Attack +30, Speed +2, Evade +2)
 Buster Sword — Sword made for felling monsters. (Weapon Attack +35)
Burglar Sword — Weighty sword favoured by rough types. (Weapon Attack +39)
Blood Sword — Sword stained by the blood of many. Drains target's health points. (Weapon Attack +18)
Restorer — Mysterious sword. Said to "restore lost power." (Weapon Attack +40, Magic Power +5, Resistance +5)
Victor Sword — Sword given to the tourney champion. Symbol of honor. (Weapon Attack +33, Defense +10, Resistance +10)
Onion Sword — Order-made sword of the legendary "Onion Knight." 
Laglace Sword — Sword made of the coldest ice. Chilly in the hand. Ice sword. (Weapon Attack +41, Magic Power +5)
 Sweep Blade — Blade for cutting down enemies as they close in. (Weapon Attack +28)
 Shadow Blade — Blade painted black for use at night. (Weapon Attack +32)
Sun Blade — Blade said to hold the power of the sun itself. (Weapon Attack +37, Speed +2)
 Atmos Blade — Lightning blade that makes the air around it tremble. Lightning blade. (Weapon Attack +36)
Flametongue — Blade said to lick the air like a fiery tongue. Fire blade. (Weapon Attack +38)
Air Blade — Blade said to be made in the shape of a gale. Wind blade. Nullifies wind element. (Weapon Attack +40)
Ice Brand — Blade made of ice that will never melt. Ice blade. (Weapon Attack +42)
Kwigon Blade — Blade that aids the flow of power through the body. (Weapon Attack +40, Defense +3, Resistance +3)
Ogun Blade — Deep crimson blade made to ensure victory in battle. (Weapon Attack +42, Magic Power +2) 
Paraiba Blade —Valuable blade set with many beautiful gemstones. (Weapon Attack +33, Magic Power +10)
 Blue Saber — Saber wielded by blue mage acolytes. (Weapon Attack +25, Speed +2)
 Shamshir — Wider saber with a clear curve to the blade. (Weapon Attack +31, Evade +2)
Aqua Saber — Ultramarine saber infused with the power of the sea. Water saber. (Weapon Attack +36, Evade +6)
Soulsaber — Divine blade that suffers no neophyte to wield it. Fire saber. (Weapon Attack +39, Resistance +10, Evade +5)
Defender — Unadorned, practical sword. (Weapon Attack +37)
 Apocalypse — Black blade that embodies the devastation of war. Dark knightsword. (Weapon Attack +32) 
 Lionheart — Sword wielded by knights of a legendary king. (Weapon Attack +34, Defense +2, Resistance +1)
 Ragnarok — Sword made to end battles. (Weapon Attack +36, Magic Power +5)
Lohengrin — Sword worthy of a noble knight. (Weapon Attack +46)
 Barong — Heavy, but well-balanced greatsword. (Weapon Attack +30)
 Ancient Sword — Ancient techniques were used to make this sword. Nullifies petrification. (Weapon Attack +32)
Diamond Sword — Diamond shards make this blade exceptionally sharp. Nullifies slowness. (Weapon Attack +32)
Hardedge — This sword is as straight and heavy as an iron bar. Nullifies doom. (Weapon Attack +42)
 Samson Sword — Broadsword named after the strongest of heroes. Earth broadsword. (Weapon Attack +32, Defense +5) 
Falcion — Heavy broadsword, made for hewing limbs. (Weapon Attack +27, Defense +5)
Predator — Sword of the berserker, dangerous to all around.  (Weapon Attack +37, Defense +5)
Striborg — Sword said to change the tides of battle. (Weapon Attack +33, Defense +5)
Jack Knife — Folded knife small enough to fit in one's palm. (Weapon Attack +22, Evade +1)
Kris Knife — Knife with a beautifully adorned blade and hilt. (Weapon Attack +30, Resistance +5)
Khukuri — Knife with a curved blade for maximum lethality. (Weapon Attack +37, Speed +2, Evade +1)
Kard — Thin-bladed knife with a sharp point. (Weapon Attack +35, Evade +2)
Scramasax — Impressively large dagger. (Weapon Attack +29, Evade +1)
Rondell Dagger — Knife with a textured easy-to-hold grip. Nullifies immobilization. Nullifies disability. (Weapon Attack +33, Evade +1)
Jambiya — Knife curved like an animal horn. (Weapon Attack +31, Magic Power +2, Evade +1) 
Stinger — Slender sword made for thrusting, not slashing. (Weapon Attack +25, Speed +2)
Estoc — Though slender, this sword an cut through metal. (Weapon Attack +32, Speed +2)
Fleuret — Thrusting sword with a hand guard above the hilt. (Weapon Attack +27, Speed +2)
Scarlette — Sword with a brilliant fiery crimson blade. Fire rapier. (Weapon Attack +27, Speed +2)
Flamberge — Thrusting sword with a wavy blade. (Weapon Attack +35, Speed +2)
Silver Rapier — Thrusting sword with a beautiful lace-like guard. (Weapon Attack +35, Speed+2)
Djinn Flyssa — Sword made to recall a twisting whirling wind. Wind rapier. Enhance wind element. Nullifies wind element. (Weapon Attack +34, Speed +2, Evade +2) 
Mage Master — This sword was once used to hunt down rogue mages. (Weapon Attack +34, Magic Power +5, Resistance +10, Speed +2)
Ninja Knife — This ninja sword can be used for many purposes. (Weapon Attack +31)
Murasame — Dew rises on this sword's blade to wash it of blood. Water katana. (Weapon Attack +31) 
Ashura — Fiery sword that leads its wielder to battle. Fire sword. (Weapon Attack +33)
Osafune — Masterful sword that can cut through an iron helm. (Weapon Attack +35, Defense +5)
Kotetsu — Crudely forged, but deadly sharp blade. (Weapon Attack +37)
Kikuichimonji — Sword so beautiful it seems a shame to use it. (Weapon Attack +40, Resistance +5)
Heaven's Cloud — Divine blade taken from an evil dragon's tail. Holy katana. Absorbs holy element. (Weapon Attack +39, Resistence +5)
White Staff — Pure white staff, blessed by a white archmage. Removes "doom" from target. (Weapon Attack +19, Resistance +5)
Guard Staff — Staff magicked to protect its wielder. (Weapon Attack +21, Resistance +5) 
Judge Staff — This staff was struck by Ramuh's lightning. Lightning staff. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +3, Resistance +5)
Cure Staff — Healing staff. Heals target's health points. (Weapon Attack +29, Resistance +5)
Pure Staff — Staff of cleansing. Purifies its wielder. (Weapon Attack +23, Resistance +5)
Bless Staff — Staff said to spread the blessing of the gods. (Weapon Attack +23, Resistance +5)
Garnet Staff — Staff set with a powerful garnet jewel. (Weapon Attack +31, Resistance +5)
Rod — Rod used as a focus magical power. (Weapon Attack +18, Magic Power +2)
Firewheel Rod — Rod that flames when waved through the air. Fire rod. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +2) 
Thunder Rod — Rod that calls lightning with a great roar. Lightning rod. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +2)
Sleet Rod — Rod that freezes the very air, calling a blizzard. Ice rod. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +2)
Terre Rod — Rod made of an unearthed dragon bone. Earth rod. Enhance earth element. (Weapon Attack +23, Magic Power +2)
Force Rod — Rod that draws out its bearer's inner strength. (Weapon Attack +25, Magic Power +5)
Battle Mace — Rod with a heavy metal head for striking. (Weapon Attack +31)
Energy Mace — Mace that can feel the flow of energy. (Weapon Attack +29, Magic Power +2, Resistance +5)
Druid Mace — Golden mace once used as ceremonial object. (Weapon Attack +33, Magic Power +3, Resistance +5)
Sage Crosier — Mace to be wielded by one of wisdom and skill. (Weapon Attack +31, Magic Power +8, Resistance +8)
Vesper — Mace of kings. Shines in even the deepest darkness. (Weapon Attack +39, Magic Power +2, Resistance +5)
Longbow — Unornamented, commonly found longbow. (Weapon Attack +19)
Char Bow — Bow stained with charcoal for use in ambushes (Weapon Attack +21)
Thorn Bow — Bow adorned with long, cruel thorns. (Weapon Attack +25)
Nail Bow — Bow that shoots nail-like projectiles. (Weapon Attack +29­)
Silver Bow —Bow made with silver for increased power and range. (Weapon Attack +23)
Yoichi Bow —Songs have been sung about this bow from afar. (Weapon Attack +33)
Windslash Bow — Arrows shot from this bow fly true in any wind. Wind greatbow. (Weapon Attack +25, Evade +2)
Ranger Bow — Supple bow favoured by expert archers. Earth greatbow. (Weapon Attack +23)
Cranequin —Great strength is needed to use this bow. (Weapon Attack +29)
Twin Bow —Bow modified to fire multiple arrows quickly. (Weapon Attack +31) 
Hunt Bow — Hunter's bow. Made for striking critical blows. (Weapon Attack +33)
Javelin — Spear with a small but sharp tip. (Weapon Attack +31)
Lava Spear — Fiery spear with a tip that glows like magma. Fire spear. (Weapon Attack +33)
Gae Bolg — Spear like one born by a half-beast hero of old. Lightning spear. (Weapon Attack +39)
Ice Lance — The breath of Shiva keeps this ice spear sharp. Ice spear. (Weapon Attack +35)
Partisan — Spear with a head split like arrow feathers. (Weapon Attack +42, Jump +1)
Dragon Whisker — Spear made of fused metal and dragon scales. (Weapon Attack +45, Jump +1)
Demon Bell — Red bell rung at night to ward off demons. (Weapon Attack +22)
Glass Bell — Glass bell with a beautiful timbre.  Nullifies sleepiness.  (Weapon Attack +25, Resistance +1)
War Trumpet — Trumpet for playing the march into battle. (Weapon Attack +25, Evade +1)
Conch Shell — Flute made by boring holes in a twisted conch shell. (Weapon Attack +31, Defense +2)
Earth Bell — Clayware bell made of earth from many lands. Earth instrument. Absorbs earth element. (Weapon Attack +31, Defense +3)
Black Quena — Black flute. Its music can put spirits to rest. Dark instrument. (Weapon Attack +33, Resistance +2) 
Satyr Flute — Flute in the shape of a half-beast lover of music. Nullfies charm. (Weapon Attack +35, Evade +1, )
Hard Knuckles — Metal knuckles made for combat. (Weapon Attack +29, Evade +1)
Rising Sun — The sun's heat infuses these fiery knuckles. Fire knuckles. (Weapon Attack +31, Evade +1)
Sick Knuckles — Poison claws jut from these knuckles. (Weapon Attack +35, Evade +1)
Dream Claws —  Few awaken from the sleep these knuckles can cause. (Weapon Attack +39, Evade +1)
Kaiser Knuckles — Knuckles lethal as a spear or sword (Weapon Attack +42, Evade +1)
Cat Claws — Small knuckles with sharp, raking claws. (Weapon Attack +35, Speed +5)
Survivor — These powerful knuckles are light and sturdy. (Weapon Attack +37, Defense +2, Evade +2)
Goblin Soul — Brown, clouded soul. Dropped by goblinkind. Ice damage reduced to half. (Weapon Attack +32)
Flan Soul — Soft, rubbery soul. Dropped by flankind. Lightning damage reduced to half. (Weapon Attack +34, Defense +10, Magic Power +2)
Bomb Soul — Wavering fiery soul. Dropped by bombkind. Fire damage reduced to half. (Weapon Attack +36, Magic Power +2)
Dragon Soul — Soul like a dragon's eye. Dropped by dragonkind. Absorb earth element. (Weapon Attack +43, Defense +5, Magic Power +2)
Lamia Soul — Beautiful, watery soul. Dropped by lamiakind. Nullifies sleepiness. (Weapon Attack +41, Magic Power +2)
Bug Soul — Soul like the bark of a tree. Dropped by bugkind. Earth soul. Nullifies dark element. (Weapon Attack +39, Defense +2, Magic Power +2)
Panther Soul — Vivid red soul. Dropped by pantherkind. Nullifies berserkness.  (Weapon Attack +39, Magic Power +2, Evade +2)
Aiot Gun — This simple firearm is easy to use and clean. (Weapon Attack +27)
Silver Cannon — This gun uses special rounded bullets. (Weapon Attack +31)
Riot Gun — This gun has a long barrel for added accuracy. (Weapon Attack +31)
Chaos Rifle — This long rifle can drop a target in seconds. (Weapon Attack +33)


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