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Sunday, January 11th, 2015 11:29 am
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Antlion — Giant bug with needle-like legs and a powerful jaw.
Sandstorm — Antlion command. Attack with swirling sand. 
Coerul — King of the red panthers. Turns prey to stone. 
Scratch — Coerul command. Lunge with sharp poison claws.
Reveal — Finds and reveals any concealed units.
Cream — Yellowish jelly monster. Absorbs lightning damage.
Scorch — Cream command. Attack with electrically charged body.
Floateye — Eyeball wing wings and a nasty gaze attack.
Gaze — Floateye command. Shoot evil from eye.
Goblin — Cretins with big ears and fangs. Strong and stupid.
Punch — Goblin command. Hit foes with a powerful punch.
Ice Flan — Blue, jelly-like monster. Absorbs ice damage.
Chill — Ice flan command. Attack with frozen body.
Lost One — Spirit of a person lost in the snows.
Rot — Zombie command. Drain life from an enemy.
Red Cap — Powerful goblins. More crafty, more dangerous.
Hit — Red cap command. Deliver an all-out punch.
Red Panther — Hunts its prey with swift leaps and posion claws.
Rake — Red panter command. Rake with poison claws.


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