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 Adaman Alloy — Adaman ore alloy. Used for armor and weapons.
 Adamantite — Emerald green ore found in metamorphic adamantoise.
 Ahriman Eye — Alchemists' jewel that gives an ahriman's sight. Enhances the power of the dark.
 Ahriman Wing — Ahriman wing. Prized alchemical ingredient.
 Ally Finder — These glasses make it easy to find allies.
 Ally Finder 2 — These glasses make it easy to find stronger allies.
 Amber — Special amber. Called the "Sun of Ivalice."
 Ancient Bills — This money from the Age of Kings has artistic value.
 Ancient Coins — Gold coins from the Age of Kings. Adorned a pub sign.
 Ancient Medal — Worn medal recovered from an ancient ruin.
 Ancient Text — Untranslated writings in an ancient script.
 Animal Bone — Bone from an unknown animal. Used for magic.
 Badge — Participation badge. Makes a nice keepsake.
 Bent Sword — Sword with a bent blade. Useless as is.
 Black Thread — Thread imbued with black magic to enhance power.
 Blood Apple — Bright red fruit. Said to have grown in Paradise.
 Blood Shawl — Only the dead may wear this demonblood-dye shawl.
 Blue Rose — Desert bloom with a calming scent.
 Body Ceffyl — This power crystal grants all of its owner's wishes.
 Bomb Shell — Shell from an exploded bomb. Hot to the touch.
 Broken Sword — This sword has been beaten beyond recognition.
 Caravan Musk — Light fragrance made in a land to the southwest.
 Cat's Tears — Tear wept by a black cat. Shines at night.
 Choco Bread — Sweet treat in the shape of a chocobo.
 Choco Gratin — Yummy smelling gratin that even chocobos can't resist.
 Chocobo Egg — Huge egg. High in protein and cholesterol.
 Chocobo Skin — Procuring chocobo hide is no simple task.
 Clock Gear — Essential part of a large scale clock.
 Clock Post — This clocktower pillar was struck by lightning.
 Coast Medal — Medal given by townspeople to the coast guard.
 Crusite Alloy — Fairies make this alloy for the pure of heart.
 Crystal — Crystal belonging to the psychic, talkof.
 Cyril Ice — Honey-flavored ice cream. A famous treat in Cyril.
 Dame's Blush — Red jewel. Called "The War Goddess Rouge."
 Danbukwood — Danbukwood lumber. Used to make weapons and armor.
 Delta Fang — Jewel in the shape of 3 snakes. Wards off evil.
 Dictionary — Heavy dictionary. Used as a weapon by scholars.
 Dragon Bone — Bone from a dragon. Too heavy to easily carry.
 Earplugs — Favorite earplugs of the grocer, Mulchin.
 Earth Sigil — A magically crystalized earth spirit.
 Edaroya Tome — Only 4 copies exist of these Edaroyan scriptures.
 Elda's Cup — Rune-inscribed cup given to the god Elda.
 Eldagusto — Spicy sauce that really clears the head.
 Encyclopedia — 500 volumes recording all knowledge of the world.
 Esteroth — Only three of these gems are known to exist.
 Fairy Wing — Fairy wing. Melts in water.
 Feather Badge — White chocobo feather badge.
 Fight Trophy — Honorable combat tourney trophy. Mark of strength.
 Fire Sigil — A magically crystalizzed fire spirit.
 Flower Vase — Essential item for making nice flower arrangements.
 Fountain Pen — Supposedly high-quality fountain pen.
 Friend Badge — Badge of friendship. All clan leaders wear one.
 Friendship Pin — This pin's luster will not fade. Mark of friendship.
 Gedegg Soup — Hot soup from the Isle of Ged made of bomb and eggs.
 Goldcap — Fungus with gold spores. Grows once every 10 years.
 Gold Vessel — Beautiful vessel made of pure gold. Very valuable.
 Grownup Bread — Chewy bread eaten throughout Ivalice.
 Guard Medal — Town watch medal of honor. Mark of truth and bravery.
 Gun Gear — Adaman alloy gun part that absorbs kickback.
 Gysahl Greens — Vegetable well-known as a chocobo's favorite food.
 Helje Key — This key made of bone is strangely warm.
 Homework — Homework notes More precious than life itself.
 Insignia — Crest in the shape of a white plume.
 Jerky — Smoked mutton. Makes good rations for a journey.
 Justice Badge — Badge of justice. All judges wear one.
 Kiddy Bread — Small, bite-sized bread. Hard to eat just one.
 Leestone — Alchemists' ore. Changes hardness over time.
 Life Water — Purified water for rituals and weapon tempering.
 Loaded Dice — Loaded dice. Remember: it's not nice to cheat.
 Lodestone — Stone used in alchemy. Made from a living soul.
Love Potion — Fragrance popular with women in Cyril.
 Magic Cloth — Cloth made from magic cotton to raise power.
 Magic Cotton — Magic cotton harvested from the valda plant.
Magic Fruit — Magic-enhancing fruit. Too bitter to eat a lot.
 Magic Medal — Medal that changes color when magic is used.
 Magic Trophy — Traditional mage tourney trophy. Mark of power.
Magic Vellum — Mystical vellum. Use your finger to write.
Malboro Wine — Wine flavored with malboro clippings. Very potent.
 Master Brave — Only those of just heart receive this hero's medal.
 Materite — Ore from the Materiwood. Good for making tools.
Mind Ceffyl — The world is revelaed in this crystal's depths.
 Monster Guide — Handy reference guide to monsters, with pictures.
Moon Bloom — Frail flower used to make cureall. Wilts easily.
Moonwood — Soft moonwood lumber is easily carved.
 Mysidia Alloy — Few know how to work this magical Mysidia-age alloy.
 Mythril Pick — Beautifully wrought mythril pick.
Neighbor Pin — Pin showing membership in the Neighbor Network.
 Ogma's Seal — Proof of the World Wyrm Ogma's defeat.
Old Statue — Crumbling statue of the Meden Mines guardian god.
 Panther Hide — Panther skin. Stiff and tough.
Power Fruit — Strength-enhancing fuit. Too sweet to eat a lot.
Rabbit Tail — Tail of the long eared rabbit. A lucky item.
 Rainbowite — Seven-hued jewel found at the rainbow's end.
Runba's Tale — Rough draft of Runba the Adventurer's new novel.
Rusty Spear — Rusted spear. Useless unless repaired.
Rusty Sword — Rusty, useless sword.
Secret Books — Secret ledger book, unread until now.
Silk Bloom — White flower used to make cureall. Blooms briefly.
 Silvril — Magical ore. Poisonous if improrperly processed.
Sketchbook — Drawings in this book come alive and fight!
Skull — Whose skull is this that chatters in the night?
 Sport Trophy — Sporting trophy. Mark of good teamwork.
 Spiritstone — Sacred stone in the shape of a soul.
Sprinkler — Device for dampening flames.
Snake Shield — Shield worn for rituals. Shaped like a snake eye.
Stradivari — Variwood and stradiwood make fine instruments.
Stasis Rope — Magic thread. Can stop time for its bearer.
Stilpool Scroll — Reading these scriptures focuses mind and spirit.
Stolen Gil — Stolen gil. Found hidden in the sluice gate.
 Stormstone — Swirling winds can be seen inside this gem.
Stuffed Bear — Fragment of the memories Mewt left behind.
Telaq Flower — Beautiful flower that blooms in a dark cave.
 Tiger Hide — Kudik tiger hide. Popular for its soft texture.
Tonberry Lamp — Tonberry lamp. Shines eerily in the darkness.
 Topaz Armring — Shara's armring. Mark of Clan Ritz.
Tranquil Box — Those who gaze into this box are forever silenced.
Trichord — Leanan's harp. Could put a fierce monster to sleep.
The Hero Gaol — Story of the hero Gaol and brave Lini in 4 chapters.
 Thunderstone — Lightning can be seen flashing inside this gem.
Vermillion — Sharply spicy fruit. Really wakes you up.
Water Sigil — A magically crystalized water spirit.
 White Flowers — Flowers planted to ease a sister's sorrow. Enhances holy power.
 White Thread — Thread inbued with white magic to raise resistance.
Wind Sigil — A magically crystalized wind spirit.
 Wyrmstone — Ruby said to be the eye of the dragon king.
 Zodiac Ore — Orestone said to represent the 12 zodiacal signs.


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