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 Bronze Shield — Buy for 400 gil, sell for 200 gil
 Round Shield — Buy for 1000 gil, sell for 500 gil
 Opal Shield — Buy for 2000 gil, sell for 1000 gil
 Ice Shield — Buy for 3000 gil, sell for 1500 gil
 Choco Shield — Buy for 1000 gil, sell for 500 gil
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 Battle Boots — Buy for 1000 gil, sell for 500 gil
 Spiked Boots — Buy for 1500 gil, sell for 750 gil
 Dash Boots — Buy for 2000 gil, sell for 1000 gil
 Gauntlets — Buy for 2000 gil, sell for 1000 gil
 Fortune Ring — Buy for 10000, sell for 5000 gil
 Magic Ring — Buy for 2400 gil, sell for 1200 gil
 Scarab — Buy for 10000 gil, sell for 5000 gil

List Of Shields

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 09:52 am
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 Bronze Shield — Simple shield of worked copper. (Resistence +2, Evade +4)
 Round Shield — Attacks seem to slide off this rounded shield. (Resistence +4, Evade +5)
 Opal Shield — Opal shield with a brilliant white luster. (Defense +2, Resistence +6, Evade +7)
 Ice Shield — This magic shield gives off a thin, cold aura. Ice shield. Weak against ligntning element. Absorbs ice element. Fire damage reduced to half. (Resistence +6, Evade +9)
 Choco Shield — Feathered shield made of tanned chocobo hide. (Evade +10)
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 Battle Boots — Hard leather boots. (Defense +7)
 Spiked Boots — Spiked shoes for better jumping. (Defense +4, Jump +1)
 Dash Boots — Speedy shoes for faster movement. (Defense +2, Move +1) 
 Gauntlets — Gloves that stretch from elbow to finger. (Defense +5, Resistence +5)
 Fortune Ring — Ring set with a stone of power. Nullifies sleepiness and doom. (Defense +3, Resistence +5)
 Magic Ring — Ring engraved with magic-enhancing symbols. (Magic Power +3, Resistence +10)
 Scarab — Scarab brooch that glitters like a rainbow. Nullifies immobilization, disarming, and frog transformation. (Defense +2, Resistence +8)

List Of Weapons

Monday, January 12th, 2015 10:14 am
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 Shortsword — One-handed sword in common use. (Weapon Attack +25)
  Silver Sword — This sword is beautifully inlaid with silver. (Weapon Attack +30, Speed +2, Evade +2)
 Buster Sword — Sword made for felling monsters. (Weapon Attack +35)
Burglar Sword — Weighty sword favoured by rough types. (Weapon Attack +39)
Blood Sword — Sword stained by the blood of many. Drains target's health points. (Weapon Attack +18)
Restorer — Mysterious sword. Said to "restore lost power." (Weapon Attack +40, Magic Power +5, Resistance +5)
Victor Sword — Sword given to the tourney champion. Symbol of honor. (Weapon Attack +33, Defense +10, Resistance +10)
Onion Sword — Order-made sword of the legendary "Onion Knight." 
Laglace Sword — Sword made of the coldest ice. Chilly in the hand. Ice sword. (Weapon Attack +41, Magic Power +5)
 Sweep Blade — Blade for cutting down enemies as they close in. (Weapon Attack +28)
 Shadow Blade — Blade painted black for use at night. (Weapon Attack +32)
Sun Blade — Blade said to hold the power of the sun itself. (Weapon Attack +37, Speed +2)
 Atmos Blade — Lightning blade that makes the air around it tremble. Lightning blade. (Weapon Attack +36)
Flametongue — Blade said to lick the air like a fiery tongue. Fire blade. (Weapon Attack +38)
Air Blade — Blade said to be made in the shape of a gale. Wind blade. Nullifies wind element. (Weapon Attack +40)
Ice Brand — Blade made of ice that will never melt. Ice blade. (Weapon Attack +42)
Kwigon Blade — Blade that aids the flow of power through the body. (Weapon Attack +40, Defense +3, Resistance +3)
Ogun Blade — Deep crimson blade made to ensure victory in battle. (Weapon Attack +42, Magic Power +2) 
Paraiba Blade —Valuable blade set with many beautiful gemstones. (Weapon Attack +33, Magic Power +10)
 Blue Saber — Saber wielded by blue mage acolytes. (Weapon Attack +25, Speed +2)
 Shamshir — Wider saber with a clear curve to the blade. (Weapon Attack +31, Evade +2)
Aqua Saber — Ultramarine saber infused with the power of the sea. Water saber. (Weapon Attack +36, Evade +6)
Soulsaber — Divine blade that suffers no neophyte to wield it. Fire saber. (Weapon Attack +39, Resistance +10, Evade +5)
Defender — Unadorned, practical sword. (Weapon Attack +37)
 Apocalypse — Black blade that embodies the devastation of war. Dark knightsword. (Weapon Attack +32) 
 Lionheart — Sword wielded by knights of a legendary king. (Weapon Attack +34, Defense +2, Resistance +1)
 Ragnarok — Sword made to end battles. (Weapon Attack +36, Magic Power +5)
Lohengrin — Sword worthy of a noble knight. (Weapon Attack +46)
 Barong — Heavy, but well-balanced greatsword. (Weapon Attack +30)
 Ancient Sword — Ancient techniques were used to make this sword. Nullifies petrification. (Weapon Attack +32)
Diamond Sword — Diamond shards make this blade exceptionally sharp. Nullifies slowness. (Weapon Attack +32)
Hardedge — This sword is as straight and heavy as an iron bar. Nullifies doom. (Weapon Attack +42)
 Samson Sword — Broadsword named after the strongest of heroes. Earth broadsword. (Weapon Attack +32, Defense +5) 
Falcion — Heavy broadsword, made for hewing limbs. (Weapon Attack +27, Defense +5)
Predator — Sword of the berserker, dangerous to all around.  (Weapon Attack +37, Defense +5)
Striborg — Sword said to change the tides of battle. (Weapon Attack +33, Defense +5)
Jack Knife — Folded knife small enough to fit in one's palm. (Weapon Attack +22, Evade +1)
Kris Knife — Knife with a beautifully adorned blade and hilt. (Weapon Attack +30, Resistance +5)
Khukuri — Knife with a curved blade for maximum lethality. (Weapon Attack +37, Speed +2, Evade +1)
Kard — Thin-bladed knife with a sharp point. (Weapon Attack +35, Evade +2)
Scramasax — Impressively large dagger. (Weapon Attack +29, Evade +1)
Rondell Dagger — Knife with a textured easy-to-hold grip. Nullifies immobilization. Nullifies disability. (Weapon Attack +33, Evade +1)
Jambiya — Knife curved like an animal horn. (Weapon Attack +31, Magic Power +2, Evade +1) 
Stinger — Slender sword made for thrusting, not slashing. (Weapon Attack +25, Speed +2)
Estoc — Though slender, this sword an cut through metal. (Weapon Attack +32, Speed +2)
Fleuret — Thrusting sword with a hand guard above the hilt. (Weapon Attack +27, Speed +2)
Scarlette — Sword with a brilliant fiery crimson blade. Fire rapier. (Weapon Attack +27, Speed +2)
Flamberge — Thrusting sword with a wavy blade. (Weapon Attack +35, Speed +2)
Silver Rapier — Thrusting sword with a beautiful lace-like guard. (Weapon Attack +35, Speed+2)
Djinn Flyssa — Sword made to recall a twisting whirling wind. Wind rapier. Enhance wind element. Nullifies wind element. (Weapon Attack +34, Speed +2, Evade +2) 
Mage Master — This sword was once used to hunt down rogue mages. (Weapon Attack +34, Magic Power +5, Resistance +10, Speed +2)
Ninja Knife — This ninja sword can be used for many purposes. (Weapon Attack +31)
Murasame — Dew rises on this sword's blade to wash it of blood. Water katana. (Weapon Attack +31) 
Ashura — Fiery sword that leads its wielder to battle. Fire sword. (Weapon Attack +33)
Osafune — Masterful sword that can cut through an iron helm. (Weapon Attack +35, Defense +5)
Kotetsu — Crudely forged, but deadly sharp blade. (Weapon Attack +37)
Kikuichimonji — Sword so beautiful it seems a shame to use it. (Weapon Attack +40, Resistance +5)
Heaven's Cloud — Divine blade taken from an evil dragon's tail. Holy katana. Absorbs holy element. (Weapon Attack +39, Resistence +5)
White Staff — Pure white staff, blessed by a white archmage. Removes "doom" from target. (Weapon Attack +19, Resistance +5)
Guard Staff — Staff magicked to protect its wielder. (Weapon Attack +21, Resistance +5) 
Judge Staff — This staff was struck by Ramuh's lightning. Lightning staff. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +3, Resistance +5)
Cure Staff — Healing staff. Heals target's health points. (Weapon Attack +29, Resistance +5)
Pure Staff — Staff of cleansing. Purifies its wielder. (Weapon Attack +23, Resistance +5)
Bless Staff — Staff said to spread the blessing of the gods. (Weapon Attack +23, Resistance +5)
Garnet Staff — Staff set with a powerful garnet jewel. (Weapon Attack +31, Resistance +5)
Rod — Rod used as a focus magical power. (Weapon Attack +18, Magic Power +2)
Firewheel Rod — Rod that flames when waved through the air. Fire rod. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +2) 
Thunder Rod — Rod that calls lightning with a great roar. Lightning rod. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +2)
Sleet Rod — Rod that freezes the very air, calling a blizzard. Ice rod. (Weapon Attack +21, Magic Power +2)
Terre Rod — Rod made of an unearthed dragon bone. Earth rod. Enhance earth element. (Weapon Attack +23, Magic Power +2)
Force Rod — Rod that draws out its bearer's inner strength. (Weapon Attack +25, Magic Power +5)
Battle Mace — Rod with a heavy metal head for striking. (Weapon Attack +31)
Energy Mace — Mace that can feel the flow of energy. (Weapon Attack +29, Magic Power +2, Resistance +5)
Druid Mace — Golden mace once used as ceremonial object. (Weapon Attack +33, Magic Power +3, Resistance +5)
Sage Crosier — Mace to be wielded by one of wisdom and skill. (Weapon Attack +31, Magic Power +8, Resistance +8)
Vesper — Mace of kings. Shines in even the deepest darkness. (Weapon Attack +39, Magic Power +2, Resistance +5)
Longbow — Unornamented, commonly found longbow. (Weapon Attack +19)
Char Bow — Bow stained with charcoal for use in ambushes (Weapon Attack +21)
Thorn Bow — Bow adorned with long, cruel thorns. (Weapon Attack +25)
Nail Bow — Bow that shoots nail-like projectiles. (Weapon Attack +29­)
Silver Bow —Bow made with silver for increased power and range. (Weapon Attack +23)
Yoichi Bow —Songs have been sung about this bow from afar. (Weapon Attack +33)
Windslash Bow — Arrows shot from this bow fly true in any wind. Wind greatbow. (Weapon Attack +25, Evade +2)
Ranger Bow — Supple bow favoured by expert archers. Earth greatbow. (Weapon Attack +23)
Cranequin —Great strength is needed to use this bow. (Weapon Attack +29)
Twin Bow —Bow modified to fire multiple arrows quickly. (Weapon Attack +31) 
Hunt Bow — Hunter's bow. Made for striking critical blows. (Weapon Attack +33)
Javelin — Spear with a small but sharp tip. (Weapon Attack +31)
Lava Spear — Fiery spear with a tip that glows like magma. Fire spear. (Weapon Attack +33)
Gae Bolg — Spear like one born by a half-beast hero of old. Lightning spear. (Weapon Attack +39)
Ice Lance — The breath of Shiva keeps this ice spear sharp. Ice spear. (Weapon Attack +35)
Partisan — Spear with a head split like arrow feathers. (Weapon Attack +42, Jump +1)
Dragon Whisker — Spear made of fused metal and dragon scales. (Weapon Attack +45, Jump +1)
Demon Bell — Red bell rung at night to ward off demons. (Weapon Attack +22)
Glass Bell — Glass bell with a beautiful timbre.  Nullifies sleepiness.  (Weapon Attack +25, Resistance +1)
War Trumpet — Trumpet for playing the march into battle. (Weapon Attack +25, Evade +1)
Conch Shell — Flute made by boring holes in a twisted conch shell. (Weapon Attack +31, Defense +2)
Earth Bell — Clayware bell made of earth from many lands. Earth instrument. Absorbs earth element. (Weapon Attack +31, Defense +3)
Black Quena — Black flute. Its music can put spirits to rest. Dark instrument. (Weapon Attack +33, Resistance +2) 
Satyr Flute — Flute in the shape of a half-beast lover of music. Nullfies charm. (Weapon Attack +35, Evade +1, )
Hard Knuckles — Metal knuckles made for combat. (Weapon Attack +29, Evade +1)
Rising Sun — The sun's heat infuses these fiery knuckles. Fire knuckles. (Weapon Attack +31, Evade +1)
Sick Knuckles — Poison claws jut from these knuckles. (Weapon Attack +35, Evade +1)
Dream Claws —  Few awaken from the sleep these knuckles can cause. (Weapon Attack +39, Evade +1)
Kaiser Knuckles — Knuckles lethal as a spear or sword (Weapon Attack +42, Evade +1)
Cat Claws — Small knuckles with sharp, raking claws. (Weapon Attack +35, Speed +5)
Survivor — These powerful knuckles are light and sturdy. (Weapon Attack +37, Defense +2, Evade +2)
Goblin Soul — Brown, clouded soul. Dropped by goblinkind. Ice damage reduced to half. (Weapon Attack +32)
Flan Soul — Soft, rubbery soul. Dropped by flankind. Lightning damage reduced to half. (Weapon Attack +34, Defense +10, Magic Power +2)
Bomb Soul — Wavering fiery soul. Dropped by bombkind. Fire damage reduced to half. (Weapon Attack +36, Magic Power +2)
Dragon Soul — Soul like a dragon's eye. Dropped by dragonkind. Absorb earth element. (Weapon Attack +43, Defense +5, Magic Power +2)
Lamia Soul — Beautiful, watery soul. Dropped by lamiakind. Nullifies sleepiness. (Weapon Attack +41, Magic Power +2)
Bug Soul — Soul like the bark of a tree. Dropped by bugkind. Earth soul. Nullifies dark element. (Weapon Attack +39, Defense +2, Magic Power +2)
Panther Soul — Vivid red soul. Dropped by pantherkind. Nullifies berserkness.  (Weapon Attack +39, Magic Power +2, Evade +2)
Aiot Gun — This simple firearm is easy to use and clean. (Weapon Attack +27)
Silver Cannon — This gun uses special rounded bullets. (Weapon Attack +31)
Riot Gun — This gun has a long barrel for added accuracy. (Weapon Attack +31)
Chaos Rifle — This long rifle can drop a target in seconds. (Weapon Attack +33)

List Of Things

Monday, January 5th, 2015 09:34 am
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List Of Abilities
Animist, Archer, Assassin, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Sage, Soldier, Thief, Warrior, White Mage

List Of Challenges
Part I, Part II

List Of Equipment

List Of Jobs
Part I, Part II
List Of Missions
List Of Monsters
List Of Places
List Of Prices
List Of Rumours
List Of Stuff
ClansItems, Rewards

List Of Armour Prices

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 05:23 pm
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 Cuirass — Buy for 400 gil, sell for 200 gil 
 Bronze Armour — Buy for 1000 gil, sell for 500 gil
 Iron Armour — Buy for 1500 gil, sell 750 gil
 Platemail — Buy 3000 gil, sell for 1500 gil
 Gold Armour — Buy for 6000 gil, sell for 3000 gil
Diamond Armour — Buy for, sell for
Opal Armour — Buy for, sell for
Mirror Mail — Buy for, sell for

 Leather Garb — Buy for 300 gil, sell for 150 gil
 Chain Plate — Buy for 800 gil, sell for 400 gil
 Adamant Vest — Buy for 2500 gil, sell for
 Survival Vest — Buy for 2500 gil, sell for
 Brigandine — Buy 3700 gil for, sell
 Judo Uniform — Buy for 6000 gil, sell for 3000 gil
 Power Sash — Buy 7000 gil, sell for 3500 gil

 Hempen Robe — Buy for 400 gil, sell for 200 gil
 Silken Robe — Buy for 1000 gil, sell for 500 gil
 Magus Robe — Buy for 3000 gil, sell for 1500 gil
 Mistle Robe — Buy for 5000 gil, sell for 2500 gil

List Of Outfits

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 05:11 pm
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 Cuirass  Chestplate made of tightly woven fibers. (Defense +28, Resistence +2)
 Bronze Armour  Armour made of intertwined copper plates. (Defense +30, Resistence +6)
 Iron Armour  Heavy armour with on the chest. (Defense +34, Resistence +3) 
 Plate Mail  Full-body armour made of metal plates on chainmail. (Defense +38, Resistence +3)
 Gold Armour  Expensive armour plated in gold. (Defense +42, Resistence +6)
Diamond Armour  This armour is set with sparkling diamonds. (Defense +40, Resistence +3)
Opal Armour  Beautiful opal armour with exquisite curves. (Defense +42, Resistence +3)
Mirror Mail  Lighter armour imbued with a magical reflection aura. Automatic reflection. (Defense +36, Resistence +8)
 Leather Garb  Sturdy clothing made of layered leather. (Defense +18, Resistence +4)
 Chain Plate  Shirt of linked iron rings. (Defense +28, Resistence +4)
 Adaman Vest  Shirt woven of adamantite alloy. (Defense +30, Resistence +3)
 Survival Vest  Light cotton wear for absorbing shocks. (Defense +34, Resistence +35) 
 Brigandine  Clothes made so the metal strips won't rub together. (Defense +37, Resistence +6) 
 Judo Uniform  Fighting clothes preferred by monks. Nullifies doom. (Defense +34, Resistence +8) 
 Power Sash  Twisted rope for tying back loose clothing. (Defense +34, Resistence +10)

 Hempen Robe  Simple, hempen robe. (Defense +15, Resistence +22)
 Silken Robe  Smooth robe made of the finest silk. (Defense +15, Resistence +28)
 Magus Robe  Hooded robe favoured by mages. (Defense +15, Resistence +30)
 Mistle Robe  Good luck robe dyed with mistletoe juice. (Defense +19, Resistence +30)
 Blaze Robe — This robe would not burn in the middle of a fire. Fire robe. Absorbs fire element. (Defense +19, Resistence +30)
 Thunder Robe
 White Robe — Pure white robe that protects from black magic. Protects wearer from fire, lightning, and ice elements by half. (Defense +21, Resistence +38)

List Of Headgears

Saturday, January 18th, 2014 10:55 pm
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 Bronze Helm — Helm of copper and leather. (+4 Defense, +2 Resistance)
 Iron Helm — Heavy, but very sturdy iron helmet. (Defense +5, Resistence +3)
 Opal Helm — Formal helm worn in ceremonies. (Defense +7, Resistence +3)
Cross Helm — This helmet is made to cover the whole face. (Defense +9, Resistence +4)

 Feather Cap — Sturdy cap with a long feather. (+2 Defense, +4 Resistance)
 Circlet — Ornament meant to protect wearer from harmful magic. (Defense +3, Resistence +3)
 Green Beret — This hat is given to those with a special mission (+2 Defense, +2 Resistance, +2 Evade)
 Headband — This headband serves to focus the spirit. (Weapon Attack +5, Defense +6, Resistence +2)
 Wizard Hat — This pointed cap is a classic wizards hat. (Defense +3, Resistence +10)


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