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 Alchemist (ALC)  Mage that uses the secrets of alchemy. 
 Animist (ANM)  Moogle that borrows strength from animals.
 Archer (ARC)  Archers are essential for long-range combat.
 Assassin (ASN) — Corners and dispatches foes with ease. 
 Beastmaster (BST)  These nu mou can control creatures at will.
 Bishop (BIS)  Uses healing, aiding, and offensive magic.
 Black Mage (BLK)  Wields fire, ice, and lightning magic.
 Blue Mage (BLU)  Unique among mages. Can "learn" monster techs. 
 Defender (DEF)  Bangaa elites. Trained for defense.
 Dragoon (DRG)  Experts with the spear. Able to jump high.
 Elementalist (EMT)  Turns the power of nature spirits into magic. 
 Fencer (FEN)  Uses a rapier for accurate, elegant combat. 
 Fighter (FGT)  Masters the use of many swords for offense.
 Gadgeteer (GDT)  Gadgeteers who carry tricks in Pandora boxes.
 Gladiator (GLD)  Wielders of the magical "spellswords."
 Gunner (GUN)  Uses guns made by moogle machinists.
 Hunter (HNT)  Human warrior that hunts monsters by bow. 
 Illusionist (ILU)  Uses phantasm magic to attack all enemies!
 Juggler (JGL)  Festive moogle job. Attacks and entertains. 
 Mog Knight (MOG)  Small moogle warriors with brave hearts.
 Morpher (MOR)  Nu mou who can take a captured monster’s form.
 Ninja (NIN)  Uses ninja skills and double swords. 
 Paladin (PAL)  Wards off attacks and aids allies. 
 Red Mage (RED)  Uses black, white and red magic.  
 Sage (SAG)  Learned users of sagacious magic. 
 Soldier (SLD)  Masters techs to slow and damage opponents.
 Sniper (SNP)  Hunts with the powerful greatbow. 
 Summoner (SUM)  Calls forth wondrous creatures from the ether.
 Templar (TEM)  Strong with weapons and enhancement magic. 
 Thief (THF)  Takes enemy's items away and evade attacks.
 Time Mage (TIM) - Mage masters of time and space. 
 Warrior (WAR)  Bangaa fighter that uses 1 & 2-handed weapons.
 White Mage (WHT)  Uses white magic to heal and aid allies.
 White Monk (MNK)  Bangaa that use their fists as weapons. 


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Cyril Ice

Cyril Ice

Cyril Ice is a collection of information from the video game: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

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