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Laws: A History (How Laws Came To Be)
Laws have been part of life in Ivalice for hundreds of years. The king in those days used powerful magic to create the first laws. The king then established the judicial system to enforce his laws. Knowledge of the means to control the laws has been passed down the royal line ever since. 
Unfair Laws! (Laws Are Unfair!)
Resentment towards Queen Remedi has been building these last few years. The reason? Frequent and seemingly arbitrary changes in the laws. It's gone so far that some pundits wryly say she ’s “ ...doing it to please that brat, the prince.”

Crazy Monsters (The Cause Of The Craze)
Reports of crazy monsters have been increasing all over Ivalice. While the cause is unknown, experts believe it has something to do with the crystals. The crystals--pure magic in a solid form--are supposed to be somewhere in this kingdom. Rumours say the palace made the crystals--rumours the palace firmly denies.
Area Freed! (Area Freed!)
The merchants are back in town now that Clan Borzoi is gone. Prices be coming down, and us pubmasters can offer info at a discount, too!
Our Heroes! (Our Heroes!)
The members of Clan Nutsy are our heroes! Go Show those Borzoi clanners who's boss!
Clashing Clans (Clashing Clans!)
Turf wars between the clans have never been fiercer. This latest round was set off by the rise of the Borzoi clan, but has since spread. Because a greater sphere of influence means cheap items and special deals at pubs, every clan wants a piece of the action. The wars are expected to continue for the forseeable future.
Clan Borzoi (Clan Borzoi)
I hear Clan Borzoi’s on the war path these days, challenging other clans, fighting for turf. Ach, things just aren’t the way they used to be.
Dirty Secret (Borzoi’s Dirty Secret)
Word on the street that Clan Borzoi’s got the backing of a foreign criminal ring! Maybe one with eyes on Ivalice itself...

Thief Exposed (Thief Exposed)
The thief they caught was identified as a member of Clan Borzoi. I dare say they won't be sitting around quietly with one of their own in prison...
The Tourneys (Swords And Sorcery)
Swordsmen and sorcerers alike are competing in monthly tourneys across Ivalice. There's even a few "tourney pros" who live off their winnings! 

Snowy Pass (Snow in Lutia!)
Snow was reported falling in large amounts in Lutia. While the parents worry about the cause of this strange weather, the kids are out enjoying the snow.
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!Abilities (! Abilities !)
If you want to win when you engage master some abilities! Your weapons and armour determine which abilities you can use, so choose carefully. You’ll also need some Ability Points (AP) to learn abilities; you can get those by equipping armour and weapons, or by clearing missions. Everybody who goes on a mission has a chance of getting AP, so be sure to take along your friends! That’s all, good luck to you!
!Ability Types (! Ability Types !)
Action Abilities: Standard actions like Black Magic or Monk Tech.
Reaction Abilities: Dodging or striking back when attacked
Support Abilities: Enhancement abilities such as Double Sword
Combo Abilities: Abilities triggered when an ally uses “combo.”
!Job Change (! Job Change !)
Job changing can come in handy. Any soldier can cast spells by changing jobs to mage. Choose the right job to maximize your engagement potential. One thing though, your race determines what jobs you can be. Only vieras can become quick-footed fencers, and bangaas are tailor-made warriors... so make lots of friends.
!Expert Jobs (! Expert Jobs !)
The better you are at one job, the more job options that become available. Expert jobs give access to powerful abilities, like Double Sword and Jump.
!Conditions (! Win/Lose Conditions !)
Thought engaging was all about defeating your enemy? Think again--there are many kinds of win condition depending on the engagement. You can check the win condition during an engagement by selecting  “ Mission” from the main commend menu. But, there’s a lose condition as well, so be careful! If Marche leaves an engagement, whether he’s sent to prison or even zombified and then snuffed, you lose!
!Combos (! Combos !)
Ever notice the judge gives you a Judge Point (JP) when you defeat an enemy? You can use those points to cooperate on “ combo” attacks. Stock up those Judge Points and do some real damage! Just make sure your allies have combo abilities so they can pitch in! 

!Exemption (! Prison Exemption !)
You know there's people out there that never get a red card when they engage? There's a special law that turns all their red cards yellow! You can tell one by the ribbon they wear... the lucky bums.
!Laws (! Laws And Penalties !)
Laws, set by the palace, reign in Ivalice. Judges enforce those laws, and those who break them are penalized--even sent to prison in the worst cases. There are two kinds of cards you can get for breaking a law. A minor infraction gets you a yellow card. A major infraction will earn you a red card. Which ever penalty card you get, it’ll go down on your record--and the more cards on your record, the steeper your penalty becomes, so watch out!
!Law Rankings (! Law Rankings !)
The judges use a ranking system to classify laws. The stricter the law, the higher its rank. [R1] laws are easy, but an [R5] law is nothing but trouble. 

!Negotiations (! Engage Or Negotiate? !)
Clan competition is fierce and engaging is the order of the day, but try negotiating with the friendlier clans to avoid needless engagements!
!Treasure Hunt (! Treasure Hunt !)
Sometimes treasure appears when you place a symbol on the world map. When you see a symbol shaking, that’ s where the treasure is, so go get it!

!Requests (! Mission Requests !)
You can advance your clan by accepting requests at the pub. You can use the gil and items you earn on missions to equip your clan!

!Mission Items (! Mission Items !)
So, you got yourself a mission item, eh? You can't equip those, but you can bring them along on your missions. Mission items are good for boosting an ally's capabilities—and some missions require certain items, so get as many as you can.

!Clan Level
(! Clan Level !)
Take a look at your clean level to see how well your clanwork's going. You also have a skill level that goes up when you complete a mission. You need skill levels to take on new missions. The higher your skill and clan levels go, the better your clan title gets, and that means more items and cheaper prices!

!Skill Levels (! Skill Levels !)
There are eight kinds of skill levels: Combat, Magic, Smithing, Craft, Appraise, Gather, Negotiate, Track

!Clan Turf
(! Clan And Their Turf !)
The area of a clan's influence is called its "turf"and some clans think that means they can exploit whoever lives on land. If you look at the map you'll see that only your turf is coloured in. Take care if you're going to try to liberate any areas under the control of another clan--if you see a free area go red, it means that another clan's trying to take it! If you don't engage them quick and drive them off, it's all theirs.

!Linking (! Link !)
Attach a Gameboy® Advance Game Link® cable to link with others. You can fight together, trade items, and even trade clan members.


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